Space is at a premium in our modern world and storage solutions have become an extremely popular solution for those fighting for it. Self-storage facilities are being developed all over the world and yet we still ask: is it truly worth it to put things in storage?

In this article, we’re going to deep dive into the viability of storage facilities, weigh up their cost-effectiveness, convenience and accessibility. We’re also going to consider the longer term implications of using self-storage facilities and the psychological impact of decluttering.

Cost-Effectiveness of Storage Facilities

One of the biggest concerns for people when deciding whether or not to use a storage facility is the cost. Storage units – especially self-storage – can be expensive depending on what you need. The cost is based on size, location and the level of security necessary to keep your belongings safe. 

For those in need of something short-term, such as when they are moving home or renovating, it’s a justified expense. For long-term storage solutions, however, the costs can be substantial and exceed the value of the stored items. Alternative options, such as basements, attics and spare rooms, can often be more economical but if you don’t have the space for it, then self-storage is often the chosen outcome. 

Convenience and Accessibility

A big advantage of self-storage is convenience. Self-storage units offer secure, dedicated space for items that you don’t necessarily need on a daily basis. This allows you to free up that valuable living space you need. Storage facilities are often conveniently located, too, in areas that are easy to get to and with flexible access hours that gives you the chance to retrieve what you need, when you need it.

Often, convenience can come at a cost because the time and effort required to transport items to and from a storage unit can eat into your day. You also need to consider that accessibility issues during off-hours may get in the way. Home based storage solutions are then attractive for those who don’t want to worry about access after hours.

Security and Preservation of Items

Storage facilities are typically excellent at offering robust security measures. From surveillance cameras to secure locks, storage facilities offer controlled access and peace of mind for those who are storing valuable and sentimental items. These are security features that make self-storage a preferred option for most, especially when compared to the less secure alternatives. 

The long-term preservation of storage items can be a concern for some, with items that are stored in less than ideal conditions that could be subjected to deterioration. This happens in the event of a humid environment, temperatures fluctuating and pests. Where possible, it’s vital to find a storage unit where the environment is what you need with measures sufficient to protect your possessions.

Psychological Impact of Decluttering

Something to consider with storage facilities is the psychological benefits you gain from decluttering effectively. A clutter-free living space can reduce stress while improving mental clarity and enhancing your overall wellbeing. 

By moving your excess to a storage facility, you gain peace of mind that your things are well looked after while keeping memorable items safe at All In Self Storage.