Are you planning to make the most of the reopening of the borders for interstate or overseas travel? Here are essential post-pandemic packing tips you will need to consider. 

Get all your travel documentation

It’s no novelty: You are already familiar with packing your passport and flight ticket. However, travel documentation will include some new elements in a post-COVID world. Depending on your travel destination, you may want to take proof of vaccine with you. You can request an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from the MyGov Portal

You also want to pack your travel insurance in case of cancellation or unexpected issues. 

Tech and valuable packing

Phone, phone charger, camera, laptop, etc. Prepare your electronics safely, and make sure you can pack them in protective cases to prevent damage.

If you are travelling for an extended period of time and are concerned about leaving valuable belongings at home unprotected, it may be a good idea to use safe self storage in Melbourne too. It’s worth considering these few extra steps to avoid unpleasant surprises on your return!

Packing clothes and shoes

Smart packing cubes are a fantastic tool to keep your luggage organised and accessible. Expert packers recommend rolling your clothes rather than folding them. As a rule of thumb, for any trip duration of up to a week, you should bring enough underwear and items for every day. Anything longer, you will need to consider washing your clothes! 

Wear your heaviest/bulkiest walk shoes during the trip, and place a light pair in your baggage. 


It’s worth investing in smart toiletry items, such as small refillable dispensers or travel-size options of your usual products, to avoid size restrictions and unnecessary weight. 

Dermatologists advise against taking retinol-based products when travelling as long flights can increase skin sensibility. Opt for simple products to cleanse, hydrate, and protect.