Is your car your pride and joy? For many people, their car is so much more than just a vehicle to get them moving from A to B. Owning a car is a pretty significant investment, and for lots of people, their car is one of their biggest assets. With this in mind, it makes sense to want to keep your car as safe as possible and to preserve its condition for as long as you can. But when your vehicle is parked out on the street, it is vulnerable.

Here at All In Self Storage, we understand how much your vehicle means to you and why you want to keep it safe. For this reason, we provide a self-storage facility for vehicles. Car storage is an excellent way to protect your vehicle. But maybe you are unsure whether a self-storage unit is the best choice for your car. Here are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to store your car in a self-storage unit:

Protection Against the Elements

Being exposed to the elements is bad news for your car. Over time, your car’s paintwork and bodywork can be impacted by this exposure. The result? Oxidised paint from sun exposure will leave the colour of your car looking dull and faded. Continual exposure to the elements can also cause rust and corrosion to your vehicle, which can impact its appearance and its value. This can be prevented by keeping your vehicle away from the elements in a self-storage unit.


No matter how hard you try to protect your vehicle, when it is parked in the street, it is vulnerable. Car theft and break-ins are common in city life, and unfortunately, any vehicle can fall victim.

As well as the risk of break-ins, cars parked in the street are also at risk of senseless damage, such as graffiti. All of this can be avoided by storing your car securely.

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Preserve Your Car’s Condition

Preserving your car’s condition is essential to maintain its resale value and to keep it looking at its very best. If you want to avoid accidental scrapes, dents, and scratches from public car parks, and prolonged damage from exposure to the elements, keeping it secured in a self-storage unit is the logical choice.

Convenient Storage Solution

Melbourne is a busy area, and finding a place to park your vehicle can be tricky. If your household has more than one car, finding somewhere to park can be a frustrating experience. You may find yourself searching for a space and parking your car a long walk from your home. 

Using our car storage units ends the worry of never finding a parking space. Instead, you will have a secure space waiting for your vehicle whenever needed.

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