There are many reasons why you may want to hire a self storage unit in 2023 and beyond. Before you do, though, it’s imperative that you familiarise yourself with the process of preparing and packing your possessions.

Here at All In Self Storage, our friendly experts are fully committed to providing convenient and reliable self storage operation. When combined with the tips below, you’ll be sure to unlock the full potential of your storage facilities. 

How do you arrange items in a storage unit?

When packing items for your self storage unit, there is no set rule on how you should organise your items. However, you will naturally want to ensure that the available space is used to its full potential while maintaining good accessibility and keeping all assets protected from potential damage.

Use the following advice for guidance and you won’t go far wrong;

  • Ensure that each box is packed tight, especially when packing delicate items, to avoid movement in transit. 
  • Label all boxes and create an itemised list of every item that you are placing in the self storage unit.
  • Stack bigger and heavier boxes at the bottom and, where possible, use pallets to aid airflow.
  • Ensure that you use the full height of the storage unit but create aisles and walkways so that you can navigate the space with ease.
  • Keep the items that you may need to access more frequently at the front of the self storage unit.

You may decide to use storage racks and shelving too. Meanwhile, it is useful to map out the storage space with rough dimensions before you get started. Strategic planning will make the process ahead run far smoother.

What should you not pack in a storage unit?

When hiring self storage in Brunswick or another part of Melbourne, it’s important to understand what items are not allowed in storage. While some self storage providers may use slightly different rulings from another, the most common banned items are;

  • Perishable foods,
  • Flammable or hazardous materials,
  • Money or bullion,
  • Wet items,
  • Animals (dead or alive),
  • Unregistered vehicles.

Unsurprisingly, it is also not permitted to pack any illegal items in the storage unit.

Is it OK to put clothes in a storage unit?

Not only are clothes permitted in self storage, but they are also among the most frequently stored items. It is especially common to store seasonal outfits for half of the year. Before doing this, though, you should be sure to;

  • Wash and dry the clothes before putting them in storage,
  • Segment your clothes based on their fabric materials,
  • Hang blazers, blouses, and dress shirts,
  • Fold t-shirts, workout clothes, and stretchy materials,
  • Use plastic bins and put heavier items on the bottom.

How do you pack a 10 by 10 storage unit?

A 10’ x 10’ storage unit is more than enough space for the contents of a 1-2 bed home or a small business. However, the relatively small space means that you should pay extra attention to the arrangement. Some of the best tips for maximising the space without compromising on the sense of control or organisation include;

  • Keep the biggest and bulkiest items stored at the back of the unit,
  • Where possible, store smaller items in drawers or other internal features of bigger items,
  • Make the extra effort to use all vertical space with items like sturdy freestanding shelves.

It is also worth going through your possessions before putting them in storage. While storage units are competitively priced, you may be better off selling some of them to save space for more important items.

How do you pack a 20 by 20 storage unit?

A 20’ x 20’ storage unit is naturally far bigger and is suitable for the contents of a house. However, you will want to implement a number of preparations, such as cleaning it first and mapping out the space. You should also determine whether the self storage unit is climate controlled. When working with the bigger space, you must also;

  • Ensure that there are plenty of aisles for navigating the space and ensuring good airflow,
  • Ensure that any appliances have been drained and that electronics are stored in their original boxes. Keep the wires together. 
  • Take out insurance. Even though the units are secure, you have a lot of stuff inside a 20’ x 20’ unit. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to pack furniture in a storage unit?

Furniture is commonly stored in self storage units. Firstly, you should disassemble tables and chairs by removing their legs as this will allow you to make better use of the storage space. You can also wrap the individual parts to prevent issues like mould or scratches during transit.

If you cannot disassemble items, you should stack them in an organised fashion. Either way, try to keep them off the floor as this will protect the tabletops or other surfaces. 

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