No matter the budget you are working with, improving your home shouldn’t be out of reach. Included in this article are five creative ways to enhance your home for a fraction of what you may think it might cost to give your home sweet home a much-needed facelift. While you are working on your DIY improvement, you may need to store furniture or other large-sized belongings. If so, let All In Self Storage in Pasco Vale help you safely and securely store your belongings while you work on your home.

Lights, Camera, Action

One of the simplest ways to update and improve a home is with new lighting. One cost-effective change you can easily make is under cabinet lighting. Frequently, kitchen worktops lack the necessary lighting, and what could be easier than installing an LED light bar? You will also enjoy the ambiance the new, subtle lighting creates. If you need a safe place to store old lamps and lighting that you aren’t ready to get rid of, store them at All In Self Storage in Pascoe Vale.

Paint It Black…

…or, any colour you fancy. One straightforward DIY project you can complete in a day that will perk up your home in such a unique way is to paint your door a fun colour. Sometimes, all a sad and outdated home needs is a pop of teal or bright red to liven things up. A can of paint, some simple tools, and a roll of painter’s tape are all you need to brighten up the outside of your home.


Splash on a Backsplash

If your kitchen is looking a little dated, consider installing a backsplash. There are myriad materials from metal to ceramic and even more design options. With peel and stick varieties, backsplashes have never been more accessible and affordable for the DIY-er. Store your tile, tools, or kitchen appliances that’ll be in the way during the install at your friendly neighbourhood storage in Pascoe Vale, All In Storage.

Create an Office Out of a Closet

If your home is not lacking closet space, but you don’t have a place to run your home business, easily create an office with the best home hack ever. Take the sliding doors and runners off your closet and- voila- a home office! To make it even more authentic, paint the inside of the old closet a different, but complementary colour and add shelves. Place a desk and your other office necessities in the alcove to complete the finishing touch to your new space.

Your Bathroom Cabinets Need Some Love

All too often, bathroom cabinets are ignored for the kitchen cabinets. Spruce up your bathroom by staining your cabinets a lovely, rich colour to add some much-needed elegance to your outdated space. If your cabinets are already dark, consider painting them white, or even grey to lighten things up. Any storage needs during your bathroom re-do can be handled by All In Self Storage in Pascoe Vale.