Packing up all your possessions and relocating to a nearby neighbourhood or a new city across the country doesn’t need to be a messy exercise. While relocating is at times an unpleasant process, it often leads to a more enjoyable outcome. Planning and avoiding simple mistakes is the surest way to make it a success. All in Self Storage Brunswick have put together some tips and tricks on moving:

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

Mother and daughter preparing toys and clothes to donate for charity.

Any person who has used the Storage Brunswick services at some point will tell you that relocation can easily become an overwhelming undertaking. This is more so if you decide to pack all your possessions into available bags and boxes.

Cutting back on clutter and excesses is the way to go when packing. Every time you start loading a new box, start by conducting a ruthless purge of all the unnecessary or underused items.

This ensures that you are left with fewer items to pack, a smaller amount to relocate, and a lesser amount of possessions to unpack on arrival. It’s an opportunity for you to begin afresh in the new location with as little clutter as possible.

Prepare a Relocation Folder

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Create a folder to use in collecting your moving contracts, purchase or rental papers, and all new addresses (home, office, and Storage Brunswick location). For this, it’s advisable to overlook digital folders in favour of hardcopies. The phone or laptop battery may die in the course of your move making it impossible to access important files and documents.

With a relocation folder, it also becomes possible for you to answer any questions that could arise during the move or the planning stages.

Start Packing in Advance

a woman holding a packed box for moving

In an ideal world, you will get to know about the upcoming relocation, days or weeks in advance. While you may not know the final destination, you will at least have an idea that relocation is going to happen soon.

The packing process can start with the off-season clothing and other items that you will not need in the foreseeable future. As the moving date rapidly approaches, the unpacked items will become fewer and fewer.

To lessen the load, all the boxes already packed and sealed can be taken to Storage Brunswick lots as you continue waiting for the final moving date.

Make Advance Reservations

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If planning on having cleaners or painters come over to work on the house, make sure you book their services early. The same will also apply when renting moving supplies or when hiring professional moving companies.

Waiting until the last minute or the last day could result in you having to pay premium rates. In extreme cases, you may not even get a mover or a truck to assist you to relocate on the desired date. This is common when relocating during peak seasons.

Research on Packing Tips

Young couple in love sitting on the floor of their new apartment and planning redecoration

Packing during a move requires you to acquire the right size boxes. Heavier items such as books should go into the smaller boxes while pillows, linens, and other lighter items can go into the bigger boxes. As you pack, ensure that items from similar rooms get packed into the same box. This will simplify the packing and unpacking process.