You moved to a new home. Congratulations. Change of scenery is always good. You get away from bad memories or the size of your household becomes smaller with children leaving for college or getting married, and you may not need such a big home any more.

Whatever your reason to move is, you know it will not be easy. There is a lot of packing and unpacking to do. Then when you get to your new place, discover the little quirks of the new residence. You know, the usual. It is best if you make a checklist before you pack at your old place and once you are at your new place, before you unpack make another list about what the new place needs.

The first order of work when moving is looking for a space for Self Storage Melbourne. It might not be obvious right away, but changing residences is no small matter. If you are downsizing, you will definitely need the extra storage space. Even if your previous and new residences are similar in size, they are most likely worlds apart when it comes to room layout. If you bring all of your belongings in to the middle of a room or rooms, it is very hard to envision the final look of the place with piles of cardboard boxes in the middle. This is where the storage unit comes in handy.

Of course, before unpacking there are other things you will need to consider:

Get Cleaning

A couple cleaning the apartment they moved into

Before moving into your place, you will need to clean it first. For that, you will need cleaning supplies, possibly a broom or a vacuum cleaner to give this place a nice cleaning before calling it your own. When you are done with cleaning, all that excess cleaning stuff can go to your Self Storage Melbourne.

Come Prepared With a Box of Light Bulbs

A person changing the light bulb

Then comes the minor maintenance. Not all places come problem-free. It is best if you go into your new place with a box of light bulbs. You will not know how many burnt bulbs you will find and need to replace. If you have a surplus, you know you can use them in the future, but if you don’t want them to clutter up your new place; they go to self storage. Same is valid for other small stuff, like broken faceplates on your outlets or light switches.

Freshen up With a New Coat of Painting

A woman applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls

A coat of new paint is not uncommon by the new residents of the home. It gives that fresh feeling and making the place yours. Did you end up with extra paint, brushes, drop-cloths or other painting tools you don’t want to see around? You have Self Storage Melbourne. Store them there.

Then you move your boxes from self-storage to your new place one small batch at a time, unpack and place them around home to your taste. Then bring the second batch. You will see, once you are happy with your new decor, there will still be boxes left. This is when you will realise it was a good idea to rent self storage if Melbourne is your city. These places are all around. You should rent one closer to your new place so that it can work as your overflow storage shed or your second attic.