Fabulous Brunswick is an ideal place for a fast day getaway or a much longer holiday. If you live here, you’ll want to make the most of it. So bring those boots from Storage Brunswick and see what this amazing area can show you right now.

Admire Nature

Nature is all around you in Brunswick. The locally mild temperatures make this one area that welcomes people outdoors all year long. A place like Gilpin Park offers lots of wonderful trails that are right for every level of fitness. If you love dogs, you can bring them along. The park has a dedicated dog area for your favourite canine companion. Have a chat with your fellow dog lovers as your dog gets a workout and a chance to meet with other dogs.

tree park Brunswick

Cooling Off

The marvellous sunshine here can be just a little bit intense at times. This is why you’ll want to find places where you can enjoy some shade as you stroll through the area. Jacobs Reserve is a shady oasis that’s popular with locals and visitors alike. This is one place that’s also accessible from the rest of the community. Sit down with a cold drink and let the sun wash over you.

jacobs reserve sign Bruncwick

Explore Street Art

Art has long been something those in Brunswick love. The same is true today. You can see all kinds of art in this area. This is one area that artists flock to in order to show off their work. You’ll want to make room in your Brunswick storage unit for some art of your own. Hosier Lane and Sunshine Lane are places where artists come to show the public exactly what they can do. Learn about the world of colour and how it come to life in varied types of media. Speak to artists directly and learn about their point of view and how they can help you see the world in a whole new light.

Melbourne's street art near Brunswick

Grab a Craft Beer

This is a town for the small scale beer lover. Made in batches, these are beers that are all about the use of flavour. There’s plenty of places to try all sorts of different local beers. There’s also lots of places where you can also enjoy a nice glass of wine if that’s what you really enjoy. Take a group of your best friends along and have a few glasses of beer in lots of different pubs.

Craft Beer

With the Kids

Kids benefit from plenty of sunshine all year long. If you’re in Brunswick, you’ll find a lot of places where they can stretch out. Try Warr Park for a chance to sit in the sunshine and soak up the day with your family. Another favourite for families in search of quality time is Temple Park. There’s a nice playground that kids can make use of as parents sit down and relax after a long day at work.

Warr Park