Organising creative spaces can be challenging. You must deal with the constant flux of projects, limited space, and numerous tools and equipment. Fortunately, self-storage can help. Having an extra space where you can keep items provides numerous benefits and ensures you get more enjoyment and utility from your existing studio. 

Get More Space 

The chief benefit is that you get more space. Self-storage frees up room in your studio if square footage is limited. According to some organisations, the ideal size of a creative space is between 1,000 and 5,000 square feet. However, most creatives only get a fraction of that, with working areas relegated to sheds, outbuildings and small temporary structures. Self-storage deals with this problem by reducing clutter. Creative spaces become more efficient when you use off-site storage for non-current projects. Thus, that is how self-storage gives you more space

Free Up Your Mind

Self-storage also facilitates creative freedom. Less visual noise helps creatives achieve the coveted and highly productive flow state. Fewer distractions in the environment enable deep concentration on projects. Research shows that clutter can lead to stress, anxiety, and trouble focusing on projects. Removing junk and non-current projects from the working area naturally boosts how much you get done and encourages positive behaviour. Businesses regularly declutter office spaces to reduce the unconscious mental burden and enable workers to pursue projects unfettered. 

Person doing pottery

Secure Your Work

Self-storage also enables you to secure your work and protect it from theft. Conventional art studios and creative spaces don’t always have full protection. But self-storage facilities do. Typically, companies operate CCTV, secure physical buildings with hardened locks, perimeter fencing, and physical 24/7 patrols. Many also operate insurance policies to cover losses in the rare event they occur. Art supplies and equipment can be a target for thieves. Securing valuable items you don’t need in a secure facility reduces risk. 

Facilitate Creative Space Renovations

You can also use self-storage to facilitate renovations of your creative space. Off-site facilities give you room to store your items, projects, and equipment until refurbishments are complete, keeping everything secure and free from damage during the work. 

Renovating creative spaces is one of the best ways to free up space. For instance, you could: 

  • Install built-in storage
  • Create customised workspaces for specific activities
  • Add adjustable shelving for supplies and equipment
  • Go paperless and digitally transform your creative space
  • Add hidden storage in fixtures and fittings, or inside walls
  • Use multi-functional furniture, such as desks with built-in storage
  • Add floating shelves that don’t take up valuable floor space

Benefit From Archival Storage

Finally, you could use self-storage as archival storage – a place to keep complete projects. Many units come with climate control, allowing you to calibrate conditions to prevent long-term damage to delicate items. 

So, there you have it: some of the ways you can use self-storage to organise your creative space. Which will you try?