Are you wondering about the best ways to get rid of old baby gear that are still in usable condition. All in Self Storage Melbourne has put together a helpful list of ways you can make use and potentially give a second life to those particular items!

Donate Them to Charities

Mother and daughter preparing toys and clothes to donate for charity

The idea of donating baby gear will always be easy for you since various organisations. For example second hand stores or charities are often looking for donations. Furthermore you can donate baby belongings to daycare day camps and women’s shelters.  Through contacting the charities near you and inquire about whether the baby gear you are donating will help them. Some organisations will not be willing to take items that are recalled or have an expiry date. Therefore, it is always ideal to confirm beforehand. Always consider donating old baby items that are safe for reuse and those in the right condition.

Consider Selling the Baby Gear at a Garage Sale

People buying items in a garage sale

Second hand stores are suitable if you intend to sell your gently used baby belongings. There are consignment stores whose focus is on baby items, and they can rescue you greatly if your baby clothes and accessories are in the right shape. Consider an internet search if you’re not aware of the best garage sale store around you. Before you haul everything in there, consider calling ahead. Inquire more about the items they need at the moment and the money they will offer for the items. We live in an era of the internet. Therefore meaning that one can easily sell the used baby gear online. You only need to look out for the best baby items in the right condition to ensure you fetch a good sum of money.

Place the Baby Belongings in Storage

a boy carrying a box full of baby stuff

The idea of storing baby belongings will always give you a head start, more so if you consider expanding your family and having another baby in the future. Instead of spending more money and time buying other baby items. Consider self storage. If you don’t have enough space to have the baby items in your house, be sure to lean on Storage Melbourne. Storage Melbourne will always have you covered if you are a parent considering storage for your baby items at any given time.